Inhouse training

The Business Academy Rijeka, as a company of continuing education, offers a variety of seminars and programs in the areas of strategic development (management, sales, marketing, finance, logistics, and writing and managing European projects) in the area of Primorje-Gorski Kotar and Istrian County. Our lecturers are experts from various economic sectors and transmit knowledge through detailed and proven programs.


Seminars, trainings, and courses are conducted through several centers and academies:


Programs for development of the professional skills necessary for writing, preparation and implementation of projects, with special emphasis on projects of the European Union.


Programs in the areas of creative and direct marketing, communication and presentation skills, media, event management and the management of crisis situations are necessary for the successful realization and positioning of business ideas.


Programs are intended for the acquisition of skills and the adoption of the tools necessary for the successful setup, dissemination and realization of business goals, and maximization of business performance in the traditional personnel areas and in top management.


Programs intended for acquisition of the skill of successful management of knowledge and the emotions and motives of employees with the aim of creating efficient and effective teams geared for success.


Programs for professional training are aimed at the acquisition of the skills of successful business communication indispensible for business success.


Programs of professional training are designed for the acquisition of the skills of successful, efficient and effective management of sports organizations.


Courses are intended for all those who want to learn to communicate in a foreign language for professional purposes. Groups of students are formed on the basis of the level of knowledge – from beginner to advanced.



Comments of participants of professional education


A very practical seminar on the basis of which I learned a lot about the organization of our personal time, what things steal time and how to prevent this, and about how to determine life’s priority goals.  Especially useful to me were the exercises by which I could immediately see my weaknesses and how to improve them. Personally, I liked the expertise of our speakers and the organization and structure of the seminars. The seminar was full of overall useful information that I can apply to real life. Time management


From the lecturers of today’s seminar we saw a good approach to presentation and excellent use of technology that come across as completely natural, and how to direct a group in the desired direction. Presentation and communication skills


A different (new) approach to solving everyday problems and situations at work (and in private life). Communication workshop


This seminar is very practical and useful and I have already, during a break, recommended it via mobile phone to friends whom I think would be interested. Development of a marketing plan


The exercise “work in a team” was most useful to me; I would say that I pay better attention to communication and that I am an even better team player than I was before. Leading teams


I have learned how to introduce myself to an employer and how to achieve goals by applying specific techniques and methods. Personal branding to a desired work position


Now I look more critically look upon the irrelevant, decisively set priorities and I think that the material presented will be very useful in both professional and private life. It is impressive how the conclusion of the lectures conformed to the projected duration of the seminar, despite digressions. Therefore, congratulations!  Time management


The seminar is very educative and useful. My compliments to the instructor for the way he held the attention of the entire group and made this seminar different from other presentations and seminars. Nice work for the dynamism and vigor. Presentation and communication skills


Before this seminar I didn’t think so much about the things that need to be taken into account in the formation of teams (the determination of standards, method of communication, etc.) and therefore I think it’s going to be a lot easier with that knowledge to accomplish better results in business. The most useful were the exercises where we were divided into teams – the discussion was very interesting. Leading teams


The seminar was carried out flawlessly. Quality information and a professional lecturer made a supreme contribution to my professional and personal development. Nice work. Company finances and expenses


I got a better idea of how to start my own business, or which set up it should take, how to plan everything… Since the economy is not my field of expertise, the seminar helped me a lot and opened new horizons for me. Development of a business plan


The seminar had a motivating effect on me. I liked it since everyone had an equal chance to get involved in the discussion. Presentation and communication skills


The examples that we worked on individually helped me the most, and I learned to compare my company with other competitive companies with the help of a financial report. Analysis of your own business using the financial report

The seminar complements my education acquired in college, and I believe that I will use what I learned today in practice, which is rarely the case for college lectures. Basics of project management


The WORKSHOP helped me the most – the practical part that covers all the theory. Leading teams


From now on, I will have to work harder in my personal presentation to other people and in communication with others. I will try to be more open and communicative, and attentive to my body language and tone of voice. Presentation and communication skills


Dynamic workshops encouraged us to think. Multi-level systems was definitely a useful approach that encouraged us to reflect on what we really want, and what are the means for realizing our general goals.  Time management


With the help of the seminar I learned how to do a beginning balance myself, obtained useful information on investing money… The seminar was well performed and has greatly facilitated my further improvement and acquirement of new knowledge and skills. Finances and expenses of companies


A useful seminar that reminds us that we are never alone and that we can only succeed with the help of others. Nice work. Leading teams


Of all the seminars that I have attended, this was the most interesting, the most fun, the most educational and relaxed. My attention level and concentration were excellent due to the interesting facts. Presentation and communication skills